Lystek International Inc. is an award-winning organic materials recovery firm with proven solutions that is helping municipalities and other generators reduce waste, costs, odors and greenhouse gas emissions through its innovative approach to biosolids and organics management. Lystek’s patented low-temperature Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Lystek THP®) leverages an innovative and proprietary combination of chemical, thermal and physical processes to transform biosolids into a high-solids liquid product with multi-purpose applications. Lystek THP transforms biosolids and other organics into a product that can be used to enhance BNR systems (LysteCarb®), anaerobic digestion (LysteMize®) and produces a Class A quality biofertilizer for agricultural use (LysteGro®). LysteGro is sold into local agricultural markets and used as a fertilizer product, recovering valuable nutrients and improving soils and crop yields.

Partner Since: 2019


COMMITMENT ACHIEVED! Lystek will recover a total of more than 1.2 million tonnes of biosolids (>7,200 tonnes of P2O5) in North America by the end of 2020 for use in its LysteGro fertilizer product for agricultural crop production. All land application of material will be completed according to internal best management practices, which exceed regulatory requirements for land application of fertilizers/Class A biosolids in Canada and the United States.

Target Year: End of 2020

Geography: North America

UN Sustainable Development Goals Alignment: