3R-BioPhosphate Ltd.

3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. is a Swedish origin high tech company for upcycling of agri/food industrial biomass by-products into BioPhosphate and biochar. The input materials are food grade animal bones and other plant origin natural and clean materials. The innovative reductive thermal processing is made by the unique 3R “Recycle-Recover-Reuse” zero emission pyrolysis technology at 850ºC material core followed by specific biotech formulations. The 3R process does not use any chemicals or artificial additives. The standard 3R processing unit have 20,800 t/y throughput capacity and auto-thermal surplus bioenergy producer as well. The output BioPhosphate products have hundred percent pure natural and unique bio character with 35% P2O5 high nutrient density content or high carbon content for the biochar case. The products have wide range of application areas, such as: biofertiliser in soil and soilless media cultivations, adsorbent, metallurgical industry and other use.

Partner Since: 2020


3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. commits to install and operate at least one BioPhosphate industrial plant in the US by 2022, which is upcycling food grade animal bones and producing 12,500 metric tonnes per year high nutrient dense and natural biofertilizer with economical 35% P2O5 content, high purity and nutrient use efficiency.

Target Year: Beginning of 2022

Geography: North America

UN Sustainable Development Goals Alignment: