Who can join?

Any government at any jurisdictional level and any public or private institution or company of any size. The platform is designed to allow meaningful contributions by everyone from transnational corporations to small, local groups. We need all hands on deck. This includes those who produce phosphates and derivative products, who farm and sell agricultural products and services, those who treat water and wastewater, those who do urban planning and land management, and those who process and sell food products.


How does it work?

You can find out how the challenge operates by visiting our Framework page. Once you’ve made a commitment, we’ll sing it to the world through this site and our social media. And you can join the choir by promoting the commitment through your own channels.

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What's the endgame?

The Challenge will have at least two phases. The first will involve gathering organizational commitments to reducing our phosphorus footprint. The second will establish topic- and sector-specific action networks—pre-competitive collaborative spaces created to refine definitions of sustainable practice, develop measurement and reporting systems for tracking progress, and establish collective goals for reducing phosphorus pollution and conserving phosphorus resources.

The initiative aims to yield global benefits across many sectors.

Communities get cleaner water for drinking and recreation

Farms and industries reduce water supply risks

 Innovators sell their sustainable products and services

Farms and utilities save on compliance

Taxpayers save on remediation costs

Biodiversity flourishes in healthy waters

And we’ll all be more secure when our more diversified phosphorus resources are kept in play and where they belong.

Phosphorus Supply Network

Achieving phosphorus sustainability requires hard work across many sectors of activity. This diagram attempts to capture how phosphorus cycles and can be recycled through that system, though reality is even more complex.

Interested in Joining?

Take the step forward and join the challenge to help preserve our finite phosphorus resources and protect our waters from phosphorus pollution.