Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge

What Is It?

Phosphorus is like fire: Beneficial when properly contained, but terribly destructive when unmanaged. It is both an essential nutrient upon which global agriculture depends and the most devastating pollutant of our planet’s freshwater resources. The primary driver of freshwater eutrophication and algal blooms, phosphorus also contributes to coastal dead zones where most marine life dies or flees.

The Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge is an environmental sustainability initiative to inspire meaningful commitments from all types of organizations—public, private, large and small—to reduce our collective phosphorus footprint and the ill effects of phosphorus pollution on our waters. In return for their commitments, participants receive public recognition for their leadership, see how their own efforts contribute to larger scale impacts, and network with likeminded organizations through sector- or topic-specific action networks.


Challenge Goals

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Use phosphorus in animal feeding operations, including aquaculture, more judiciously Improve the efficiency of phosphorus extraction from rock and conversion to products Reduce and recover phosphorus wastes from industrial processes Reduce food system waste and recover its phosphorus Sustainably re-use / recycle phosphorus Remove phosphorus from human and animal waste streams Recover phosphorus pollution from surface waters Manage landscapes to contain and recover phosphorus Promote human diets with lower phosphorus footprints Use phosphorus on landscapes, including cropland, more judiciously

Want to learn more?

Worldwide, many organizations work hard to manage our phosphorus resources sustainably. Visit our About page to learn more about who can participate and what are the benefits. Or join the challenge straight away!